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Cecil was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the only Real Texan in the group although we all got here as fast as we could.

Cecil began playing guitar at a very early age but because he is left handed and there were no left handed guitars around, he took a right handed, right strung guitar and flipped it over. So like the legendary rock/blues guitarist Jimmy Hendrix, he plays upside-down left-handed guitar. He also plays bass, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, piano, drums, and steel guitar. In the Lost Cowboys, he often plays steel guitar and piano at the same time. It is amazing!

Although he is best known for his exceptional guitar abilities, he played drums quite often in his early years on stage, because at the time there was more call for drummers.

Over the years he has had numerous chances to work with some well known country stars, including Larry Gatlin, Wynn Stewart, Boxcar Willie, and even Merle Haggard. Except for a short time with Boxcar, he has prefered to work around town with various bands playing whatever instrument was needed and always doing it well. Cecil is also a great lead and harmony singer and is a great addition to The Lost Cowboy Band.

About 6 years ago he decided to try his hand at the steel guitar and as usual, took to it like a duck to water. He had to have a custom steel guitar made because you can't just flip a steel over. He plays the strings left-handed and upside-down but the pedals are right handed. No other steel player could play his steel. Just like Cecil, it is one of a kind.

He credits his Uncle for being instumental in helping him get into the music business and opening many of the doors along the way. Even though his Mom and Dad do not play, they are big music lovers; he has always had great support from his family.

He says he has worked with a lot of great players in his 31 years on stage, but feels he really found a home now working with Rob Dixon and all the guys in The Lost Cowboy Band. Cecil says he's a "good'n, mighty fine, allllllright" (a reference all of us in the band use to The Statler Brothers alter egos, Road Hog and the Cadillac Cowboys).

We feel the same about Cecil.... He's MIGHTY FINE!!!!!!!