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Rocky was born in Long Beach, California. (narly dude). His family moved to Idaho at the age of 5 and finally made it to Paris, Texas at the age of 7 and Dallas a year later.

He auditioned for the Texas boys choir at the age of 7 and made it to the first call back but because he didnít read music, he didnít make the second call back.

Rocky learned to play bass guitar and played and sang in several small rock bands throughout high school.

While still in high school Rocky, joined a gospel group call Philos. From 1970 to 1976 he performed with Philos and recorded two albums. Rockys' great barritone/bass voice was a perfect match for gospel music as it is with country music. He is an exceptional lead and harmony singer.

In 1974, he went to work for Central Freight Lines as a truck driver where he worked for 15 years, but the desire to play music never went away.

In the early 80's, Rocky started working with some country bands in local VFWs and also the Grapevine and Garland Opry. One of the first country groups he worked in was Country Heritage, where he met longtime friend Robert Herrage whose dad was the band leader.

A few years later in 1985, his friend Robert Herrage was in a band called Full Circle that was the house band at Lee's Silver Fox in Terrell, Tx. Rocky auditioned for bass player and got the job. This was the real start of Rocky being even more dedicated to the musical voice inside. A few years later, he quit driving truck and began playing and singing full time. In 1987, Full Circle began playing all the clubs in the A circuit - Top Rail, Belle Star, Southern Junction, Billy Bob's, etc. Full Circle was one of the top bands in the DFW area for 10 years until they disbanded in 1993.

Only a month after the breakup of Full Circle, Rob Dixon called looking for a new bass player. The first job was only a week and 1500 miles away. Rocky agreed to work the one job but was unsure what he may want to do long term. After the trip to Maryland to play 3 shows for Rob's father, Rocky decided he wanted the job and the rest is as they say - history. August of 2009 marks 16 years and thousands of nights Rocky and Rob have worked side by side with no plans to stop.